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    Source:Shandong Lingzhi Communication Technology Co., Ltd.  Date:2019/3/9
    Prompt:China Telecom announced the completion largest FDD LTE network in the world

    China Telecom Technology Department said on the recently held "China Telecom Mobile Terminal Technology Forum", China Telecom has built the world's largest FDD-LTE network at present. By the end of 2015,  more than 460,000 LTE base stations will be built. China Telecom will make the national 4G coverage rate reaching 95%.


    China Telecom’s “4G target network” was composed of three layers of networking: the wide coverage layer, the gold capacity layer and the hotspot offloading layer.


    First, the wide coverage layer answers for the basic voice and traffic data services. The VoLTE and VoWiFi technologies would be involved.


    Second, the gold capacity layer will be used for core carrying.


    Third, the hotspot offloading layer aims at providing the ultimate experience. Also use the 3.5GHz high frequency band for traffic data offloading in the future.

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