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    Source:Shandong Lingzhi Communication Technology Co., Ltd.  Date:2019/3/9
    Prompt:Amazon's Alexa enters the Google Android system.
    Amazon's digital assistant was ubiquitous at the CES technology show in Las Vegas this week, even making a surprise appearance on rival Google's Android operating system.
    Companies from appliance maker Whirlpool corp. to Ford Motor Co. are offering products that feature Amazon's digital assistant, Alexa, which responds to voice commands.
    Most notably, China's Huawei Technologies Co. announced that its flagship phone will feature an app that allows users to access Alexa in the U.S.
    The adoption of Alexa, a prominent android maker, suggests amazon could be well ahead of Google as the company RACES to show its digital assistant to as many people as possible, analysts say.
    In the tech industry, many believe the voice digital assistant will replace the keyboard and touch screen as the primary way consumers interact with their devices.
    Jan Dawson, an analyst for Jackdaw Research, said that while the shift is in its early stages, Google must quickly build a strong market position, particularly on Android devices, to maintain its dominance in Internet search.
    "At some point voice becomes more important than Google's voice assistant becoming the most popular voice interface on android phones, which is a huge loss for Google in terms of data collection, artificial intelligence (ai) training and ultimately the ability to increase advertising revenue," he said.
    Alexa debuted on amazon's Echo smart speaker, and amazon is building a broad hardware and software partnership around it. Competing Google assistants made the announcement on Google's Pixel smartphones last year and began promoting third-party devices. Nvidia Corp., a maker of graphics processors, announced at CES that it will have the assistant with its shielded TVS.
    While Google has expressed interest in bringing its assistant to other android smartphones, Mr. Dawson said the decision to introduce the feature on its own hardware could strain its relationship with manufacturers.
    "It highlights how strategically wrong it is for service companies to build their own hardware and give them the opportunity to prioritise new services," he says.
    A Google spokesman declined to comment.
    While amazon is ahead, Google will never drop out of the competition, given the strength of its Internet search technology. SergeiBurkov, chief executive of Alterra. Ai, an artificial intelligence company, said Google assistants had been able to field investigate questions that Alexa could not answer.
    "A big part of being an assistant is a search," he said. Google is a search company. Amazon is not."

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