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    fiber power cable clamp

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    fiber power cable clamp

    Introduction:(4-7)*2+(9-14)*2 fiber power cable clamp
    fiber power cable clamp

    Cable Clamp is designed for wireless application, and widely used in site installation to fix coaxial feeder cables to base towers, these clamps provide an efficient way of managing & securing the feeder installation system, they are strictly made out of non-rusting product to sustain all weather conditions. They come with angle member adapter and necessary hardware, the angle member adapter fastens the clamp to tower, cable ladder, angle bar etc. It is mainly composed of 304 stainless steel and anti-ultraviolet polypropylene and rubber grommet which is  UV resistant material. The design offers least stress and maximum grip to manage the cable system.


    Size :1/4”, 3/8”, 1/2"S, 1/2”, 7/8”, 1-1/4”, 1-5/8", 2-1/4",or use with grommet rubber for different size cable freely.

    Application : These are used in Site Installation to fix coaxial feeder cable or other type cable.

    Features : Quick and easy installation.


    Feeder clamps for coaxial RF cable are used with following products;

    1, Telecom cable

    2, Fiber cable

    3,Coaxial cable

    4, Feeder cable

    5, Hybrid cable

    6, Corrugated cable

    7, Smooth cable

    8, Braid cable

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